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Adoption Attorney / Legal services

  • Focusing on Public Agency and Private Adoptions
  • Step-parent Adoptions
  • Second-Parent Adoptions
  • Single Parent Adoptions
  • Relative Adoptions
  • Interstate and International Adoptions
  • Child Welfare Law

Practice area includes Franklin County, Ohio and all of Ohio.

Children Waiting for Adoption

The adoption process is a special and exciting option for persons interested in expanding their family. For over a decade, Carie Marsh Ehrenborg, an adoption attorney at Ehrenborg Law Office in Columbus, Ohio, has been involved with both public agency and private adoptions. Adoption lawyer Carie Marsh Ehrenborg works with adoptive parents, foster parents who may be interested in pursuing foster care adoption, relatives, stepparents and birthparents throughout the region. Prior to entering her private practice in Columbus, Ms. Ehrenborg worked at Franklin County Children Services. She was immediately drawn to the adoption process and assisting in child adoption whereby children were able to be placed into a safe, stable home with a loving family. Ehrenborg Law Office is located at 250 Civic Center Drive in Columbus,Ohio. Carie’s professional background as a highly-experienced adoption attorney has contributed enormously to her ability to help families smoothly navigate the adoption process.

Ehrenborg Law Office provides clients with a free initial consultation and offers the following adoption process services listed below:

  • Agency Finalization                                          Open Adoption
  • Birthparent Representation                           Private Adoption
  • Closed Adoption                                                Single Parent Adoption
  • Foster Parent Adoption                                   Special Needs Adoption
  • Relative Adoption                                             Stepparent Adoption
  • Inter-State Adoption                                        Legal Custodian Adoption

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